I just played my first game with my planar deck! I didn't play the deck that came with it because I wanted to see how the planar deck would work with my other decks.

I just made a Stick Wars 2 account yesterday. So, if I know you please tell me your username and three-digit friend code so you can be friends with me in the game. Mine is:
                                kink15    515

Today was my first time (I think) playing zombies. My brother and I together couldn't get past 5 rounds. It was a little frustrating...
I just finished the season 4 finale of Merlin on Netflix. It was very dramatic and I
 loved it. I can't wait until season 5 comes out on Netflix. It had a very good ending.

What the die kind of looks like.
While my family was setting up the Christmas tree I found another twenty-sided die! I knew I had more than five to begin with! My cat probably knocked it off the table and rolled it under the couch.
Apparently I'm really good at Halo Reach Capture the Flag games. On Thanksgiving I was in the lead maybe 35 to 22, and 22 was only the second place person's score!
This is not my map, it's just an example of capture the flag.
The cover of the game box.
I just made my first territory map on Halo Reach! I've never played a territory map before, but I'm going to give it a try! There was a few difficulties and now there's one corner in the map with nothing in it. It looks very strange. Also unfortunately, it only allows the red and blue teams.




I really loved this book! It was amazing! It is about four teens trying to solve a murder that happened a long time ago while facing the wierd changes in them that started when they were infected with a new strain of Parvovirus.
It is really wierd to read this right after finishing The Mark of Athena. I don't like his books based off of Egyptian mythology as much as the ones based off of Greek and Roman mythology. It seems like the intro in this one was a little rushed, maybe a chapter or so faster than The Lightning Thief.
Maybe a week ago at Slackers I got the final two Matrix movies for $3, total! It was awesome, they were in the bargain bin and it was buy one get one free!